Georgia Gator Hunting Season Permit (HIP)

Alligator Hunting Season In Georgia

From the time the Georgia gator season was established in 2003, getting a permit to hunt a Georgia gator has become a family tradition. As the gator populations continue to grow the number of permits available has increased, but the number of gator permits available is still small compared to public interest.

The Georgia gator permit preference-point system insures your odds are near zero of drawing a permit without at least two preference points. An applicant receives one preference point for each season he or she applies and does not draw a permit.

If you have no preference points and want to go gator hunting in Georgia, you are looking at a three year window at best. To apply for an alligator quota permit, or any Georgia quota hunt, you must set up and use an online account with the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division of DNR. The key is to start applying now, and also set up Georgia quota-hunt accounts  for your wife, kids and start applying for them. Then get all of your hunting buddies to begin applying as well, the more people you have applying the better your odds of drawing a permit. The point is the hunter who draws the permit is allowed to have as many “helpers” or “assistants” as needed. So basically one guy draws the permit and all his buddies get to go gator hunting as well.

Giant Rogue Alligator Captured NE of Atlanta Georgia

If you want to hunt a monster gator, Atlanta Georgia may be a little to far north. Most gator hunting experts recommend you forget the bow and use a harpoon or snatch hook. For a big 10′ gator, you will need a premium gator line. The bigger the line the more difficult it is to get an accurate shot with a bow and arrow. A Muzzy Gator Getter Kit is a good choice, it includes 1 Muzzy Pro Gator Reel, 1 extra spool of 600-lb. Gator Cord, 3 Gator Getter Arrows and 2 Big Game Floats. If the kit is not in the gator budget then the Muzzy Gator Cord is a good choice for a snatch hook setup.

Giant Rogue Alligator Captured NE of Atlanta Georgia, Savannah River Basin

Gators Invade Georgia Okefenokee Swamp

Once the gator is restrained, any caliber handgun or bangstick is legal to dispatch the alligator. Leave the scoped deer hunting rifle in the truck. Opposite of the hit TV show “Swamp People,” here in Georgia you can not shoot a gator from across the bayou. The gator has to be restrained with a rope before you shoot it with a firearm, and you also can not use a small caliber rifle like on the TV show. Also, using set hooks hanging from tree limbs is not permitted for hunting Georgia gator.

Woman Killed In Georgia’s First Recorded Fatal Gator Attack

An elderly Canadian woman was attacked and killed by an 8-foot alligator on Skidaway Island, the first documented fatality by a gator in Georgia since records began being maintained. This is Georgia, home of the Okefenokee Swamp, you can rest assured this is not the first gator fatality in Georgia.

“Speculation is that she was walking near the water, but we don’t know how close to it she was or how familiar with the area she was because she was a recent visitor here from Canada. There were no witnesses to the attack, but there were reports from neighbors that they heard someone screaming between eight and nine Friday night. By the time anyone could get outside to see what was happening, there was nothing to be seen.” said Sgt. Mike Wilson, a spokesman for the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department (SCMPD).

Using a weighted snatch hook and a heavy rod and reel, Savannah gator trapper Jack Douglas “Trapper Jack” was able to capture the 8-foot gator from the pond where the attack took place. A necropsy of the animal confirmed that it was the gator involved in the incident.


Georgia DNR Opens Alligator Hunting Season to Bulldogs

As with almost any area around Savannah, Skidaway Island’s ponds have their share of alligators and I have seen them myself. I am always very cautious when on foot in or around any water in coastal Georgia. The good news is if and when you draw your first permit you should have a good idea where to hunt gator in Georgia. You should be able to draw a permit in Savannah within 3 to 5 years with no problems. The odds vary by gator hunting zones.

How Much Are Georgia Gator Tags?

Applying for a Georgia gator permit is free, but anyone hunting with or assisting a alligator permit holder must also have a valid gator hunting license, which is $50 for Georgia residents and $200 for non-residents. However, don’t spend the money on a gator hunting license until you have a permit. A gator hunting license alone does not give you the rights to kill a Georgia gator.

    Georgia Gator Permit Tips and Tricks

  • Create your online WRD quota-hunt account, and apply every year. Even if you are not selected this year, your preference points will continue to accumulate each year
  • Preference points are like gold. In Georgia, applying for quota hunts costs you nothing! You have nothing to lose by applying. Within a few years of points you will get a guaranteed Georgia gator hunting permit.
  • Apply for the zone as needed. In other words, if you are in a hurry and willing to travel, apply to the zone with the best odds. If time is not an issue apply to the zone you really want to hunt in.
  • Only one hunter needs a permit but if applying as a group hunt for multiple permits, everyone in the group should have matching priority points.

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