What is the Best GoPro for Fishing? Review

Top GoPro Accessories and Video Tools:


Without question, if you are fishing from the beach, pier, a boat or kayak, then you know how exciting being on the water can be, and the GoPro camera is one answer to capturing this action. Instead of telling fish stories about the one that got away, the GoPro action cam allows your true life fishing tales to be seen and shared, without any questions.

A GoPro will allow you to be more creative when talking about your adventures on the ocean. They allow you to capture exhilarating new video and photos many times from angles and views that were not possible before without bringing a photography professional along with you.
Here are our top 7 reasons why the GoPro is the best action camera for fishing: and specifically how it can enhance the salt life fishing experience for boaters and kayak anglers alike:


  • Easy to Access Buttons – The Power and Record buttons are large and easy to find. That will be very handy at times when the camera is mounted, like on your helmet, or your net, or on a wet mount. You can even find the button in the dark, press it, and get back to fishing your target. If your camera automatically starts taking a video recording upon powering it on, the camera has One Button Mode enabled.
  • LCD Screen – Most GoPro cameras now come with an included standard LCD screen, making viewing clips and shots much faster. The LCD screen will make better use of the GoPro’s still photo capabilities and let you check out the day’s footage right from the camera. Depending on where your camera is attached, you will be able to view and adjust the video angle in real time. This means you can precisely adjust the recording angle on the fly allowing you to get the money shot.
  • Touch Screen Controls – Last year GoPro added Touch Screen Convenience to Entry-Level Camera Lineup. With touch LCD screen on the GoPro Silver, controlling the recording settings is easier than ever. All you have to do now is just select the icons where the “Settings”, “On” or “Off” buttons are, and you are ready to go pro.
  • HD Video — Every GoPro has the ability to capture vivid high definition (HD) video recordings. Now your fishing videos will pop being clearer, brighter and better when it is captured in HD video. This is the perfect YouTube solution for uploading your fishing videos to the world.
  • Hands Free Pictures – Mount the camera where you want it, and the built-in still camera will automatically begin capturing photos in one button mode. You are now your own professional photog and can get the best shots of you casting, setting the hook, or of you holding your today’s trophy catch in a GoPro “Hero” money shot hands free.
  • WiFi ControlResetting the WiFi password can be done via the camera’s menu. All you need to do is go to your camera’s settings, select “RESET CAM” and then “RESET WI-FI”. That’s it! Now you can pair your phone through the GoPro app with your camera the same way as you did it the first time.
  • Accessories — From batteries & chargers to surfboard mounts & helmet mounts, there are tons of useful GoPro Camera Mounts & Camera Accessories that can be added to your GoPro kit. Not only are there numerous mounts that you can add to your boat or kayak, but your GoPro camera system will also come with GoPro video software. No other camera comes close to the value and quality, and this is why the GoPro is the best action camera for fishing.

Here’s is a quick list of the top GoPro video cameras for saltwater fishing. Here you have a nice selection of choices, each with excellent features for the price range. All of which will be an excellent choice for recording and sharing your fishing life adventures.

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Comparing the Top GoPro Models for Fishing

GoPro action cameras are compact, super portable, and can be mounted virtually everywhere. They offer HD video and still images, that are second to none in quality and resolution. All GoPro’s use some type of micro SD card to store the video and images, which can then be reused again and again without any image quality degradation.

The top GoPro cameras for fishing are: Hero, Hero+ LCD, and Hero4 Silver. These three are all new versions of the original Hero camera, but each one includes new features making them unique.

#1 – GoPro Hero – Best GoPro for Fishing



Yes, we feel the basic GoPro is the best GoPro for fishing videos. All of the fancy smart features and high speed recording options are in reality not that useful to most anglers. All we really need is HD video, and hands free recording. Both of which the basic GoPro Hero does extremely well for less. The money you will save can be better spent on different mounts and accessories.

Waterproof down to 131 feet or 21.8 fathoms, you can choose between a picture quality of 720p or 1080p HD video at up to 30 frames per second (fps). QuickCapture has the ability to power on and record automatically with the press of a single button. NOTE: This feature is set to OFF by default  Burst Mode lets you capture fast action photographs at 5 frames per second with the built in 5 mega pixel camera. It also includes “time lapse” mode for continuous hands free picture capture at .5 second intervals.

Coming in below 4 ounces, the Hero is small enough for virtually all mounting requirements, and has “auto-low light” mode that optimizes the camera for image capture in low light conditions. This is a great feature, because many times the best fishing is in the dusk and dawn “golden” hours. This feature will also give you better image and video quality when moving in and out of shadows of docks and trees on the bank.

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#2 – GoPro Hero+ LCD



The Hero+ LCD includes all of the features contained in the basic Hero, but also adds an LCD screen to the back of the camera for instantaneous live viewing or playback, and the video capture rate is higher at 720p and 1080p doubled to 60 frames per second.

With this GoPro camera, you will view your videos on the LCD screen as soon as you take them. Hero+LCD also comes standard with an 8 mega pixel still camera @ 5 fps capture speed.

If you can justify the extra price, the LCD screen makes the GoPro experience so much easier, and will be very handy on the water when you want to review your fishing videos on the fly.

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#3 – Hero4 Silver – The Ultimate Fishing Camera


The Hero4 Silver includes everything the Hero+ LCD has, but also contains a 12 mega pixel resolution instead of the 8 mega pixel quality on the Hero+, and also captures still shots at an full video rate 30 fps.

This is an ideal camera for time lapse photography, because you can configure it for “burst” mode and get incredible pictures of setting the hook on a mogan and then trying to land it. Maybe the best part of the touch LCD is that you can access the functions on the touch screen itself by just selecting the desired settings and starting instant video or still capture!

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Which GoPro is the Best for the Money?

For the Best Value – If you just want to learn about GoPro without breaking the bank, we recommend the GoPro Hero Starter Bundle. This is the best GoPro for the money while shooting great video and pictures.

Easiest to Use  – For ease of use, the Hero+ LCD is the best choice for the money. Ease of use is really important when on a boat or kayak.

High Performance  – For the absolute best GoPro for fishing, the Hero4 Silver is the action camera of choice for the pro’s. You will take incredible HD videos as well as amazing high quality pictures. The Hero4 Silver has endless recording resolutions and modes, which is very useful if you are serious about recording the absolute best fishing videos possible. The speed, comfort, and usefulness achieved with a touch screen is not to be overlooked.


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