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The Best GoPro Editing Software

Filming new and original video on your favorite GoPro is first, next up is tedious task of editing those raw videos files into amazing social content. In this article, we cover the Best GoPro editing software.

You finally took the leap and purchased your first GoPro, and after taking your first baby steps you have somehow managed to figure out how to record some pretty cool video footage. Unlike most average people, you’re probably planning to edit all those clips into the next big viral video to show the world how much you rock! You obviously don’t want your video to look like grandma’s home video. No Sir, you are going to be the next big thing on the Web.
The easiest option would be to store a couple of memory cards in the case, then continue filming more and more material. But how will you explain that to the fan base when they want to see the video from last great adventure you promised? No need to stress it, everyone does it and you’re not alone. We all film our GoPro adventures, vacations and family events, but rarely do we ever seem to find the time to complete the editing and produce a polished product that is ready for prime time. Before long you find that you have created a vast amount of video files resulting in years of raw content. Drive on friend, as we peek into the best GoPro editing software options to make your directors life easier!

Choosing the Best GoPro Editor

There are many different levels of video editing software for raw GoPro footage. All have various pros and cons. Some are at the professional level, and others are for the video editing novice. There are even many free and open source options that have slick video editing tools, like a professional video editor. There is really one option that is the best free GoPro editing software and that is the GoPro Studio.


GoPro Studio (Free) Best Free GoPro Software

A quick Web search will usually move you in the direction of GoPro Studio. GoPro Studio was made for their raw device footage. It comes with some very nice presets and it’s easy to combine multiple video clips, speeding them up or slowing down footage into slow motion. Allowing you to trim, resize, edit and merge your raw videos; using different special effects, add music or titles. This GoPro editing software is easy to use, as long as you have the time for the final cut. You can also render for a variety of social platforms in 4K. Bottom line: this is a solid video editing software program that’s free and has many great online tutorials.

  • Video formats: H.264 mp4 and .mov. Supports GoPro, Canon, Nikon and other constant frame rate video footage. You can use GoPro Studio for output footage from other cameras.
  • Video resolution: Basic WVGA up to 4K video. Including 3D videos from the Dual Hero System.
  • Additional features: Fish-eye adjustment, auto import GoPro media, and GoPro camera firmware updates. GoPro Studio is great for fast edits, extracting a photo from your video clip or organizing thousands of photos and videos.

GoPro Studio Interface

While GoPro studio isn’t always the best video editing program to use, it is a great place to start and it will help you learn the tricks of video editing and finished processing of your own GoPro footage. You can download it from GoPro directly onto your device. This is the best free GoPro editing program because GoPro Studio comes with almost everything you need as a beginner making your own viral GoPro videos. There are many different apps and programs that allow you to edit your best GoPro videos if you are using a PC but GoPro Studio is the best for learning GoPro basics.


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