CoastalXP Saltwater Fishing Life

If you love the coastal life, and salt water fishing, then this is the place for you. Here at CoastalXP we have a passion for coastal life, the ocean and all it’s bounty. Just like you we sleep, breath, and live the coastal salt life experience.
We are coastal salt water fishermen, shrimpers, crabbers, boat captains, divers, surfers, jetty jumper’s, kayakers, beachcombers, spear fishermen, etc. We know the saltwater fishing lifestyle and it is what we do. Be it fishing, diving, boating, or just enjoying a day chilling on the beach with friends and family. It is all part of the saltwater lifestyle.
It comes down to one thing we all have in common, ocean life and all of the joy it has to offer.
It is the lure of the ocean that draws us to the seaside and shores. Fishing the briny deep can provide what we need to survive. At the same time, the ocean can take everything if you let your guard down for a second. This website is not to be for land lovers. If you are destined to be a crew member of CoastalXP then you need be of salt. All we do here is in the kingdom of Neptune.
We will discuss all creatures of the sea and the harvest of the seafood. And all manor of vessel that sail the wind and waves. We also mean to protect the creatures of the sea and shores. Crew members here are keepers of the deep and only take what we intend to keep and eat.
We hope you enjoy you’re visit and learn something new about the coastal salt life experience. Be sure to bookmark our salt water fishing blog and check out the saltwater fishing forum. If salt life fishing is what you do and you want to help support CoastalXP then please buy some fishing supplies in our saltwater fishing store